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galvestonian here

MARKSMAN RULES! the only thing wrong there is no centerfire rifles. but i love shootin my rem sbs there. and rapid fire is cool there

PASADENA GUN CTR- poor ventilation and cant shoot shotguns. but rapid fire is cool, in fact (for those who dont know) rents MACHINE GUNS!(tho ive never splurged on that)

surprisingly, RAPID FIRE OK
no hip bump-firin tho.
i like to take my ar there and unload a c-mag using my harris bi-pod. FUN FUN

AL TRUG SHOOTIN RANGE- this is near 270 near LEAGUE CITY- ol al can be cantankerous. this where i tool my chl. NO RAPID FIRE al will kick yo azz
out, al is pretty proud of his ammo too, pricewise. it is a pretty decent range, out to 200 yds for rifles

BAILEYS- is that still open? aint it south of the dome? if it is, i went there years ago and was told LOAD 1 ROUND AT A TIME w.t.f.? (ever try that with an A.R.?

EASTEX (59) RANGE- on E. MT. HOUSTON and 59- i didnt see anything bout that 1. for those who dont know, this place formerly rented machine guns, till they got robbed
last i went there they were crackin down on rapid fire. they had good ventilation.

theres more ill add to later,
but anybody wanna meet up at tx city or mksman, pm me
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