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There is only one outdoor range I shoot at around here, but I've been to a few others in different states.

There's not really all that much you should be worried about. If you are unsure about anything, ask someone... preferably someone in a working role at the range. There are no stupid questions about gun safety... only stupid actions like marching unannounced towards your target with 10 people behind you with tunnel-vision and earplugs.

The outdoor range here doesn't have a range officer... it's all informal. Wait till shooting subsides, make eye-contact with everyone and yell loudly "Range cold, I'm going to pull my target" or something like that. Nobody is going to get mad. Probably half the people will walk over and look at or mess with their targets since you did anyways. Give the same courtesy when others ask and unload/clear point your own weapon in a safe direction. Again, be courteous... don't announce a cease fire when someone is obviously intent on shooting or in the middle of firing off a mag. But don't be meek either... larger ranges may have a RO or more formal stuff, but for the most part, common sense rules.

Have fun!
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