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Wow, rough thread guys

I'm a member at Combat Carry and a few other similar threads. I enjoy them all and learn a lot from them all. And they're all like any group of people, some of the folks are nice, some know a lot, some know very little but think they do....

I just ordered a holster from Mr. Brommeland. I'll let you know how it turns out. I did a lot of research and feel his Max Con V will be an ideal IWB for my Kahr P9 but we'll see.

I think a sometimes guys get into small businesses like making holsters and find it's challenging making a quality custom product while also keeping up with the whole business side of things. I have a friend how makes custom leather tack for horses. He get's a lot of business and had to actually cut back becasue of how hard it is to meet the demand.

I will say that when some of the holster makers were talking about their leather problems, so was my friend. He's been doing this for over 40 years and says that the leather market is the worse he's ever seen it and is always complaining on how hard it is to get good quality leather at a good price.

If you're curious, when I placed my order with Brommeland he specifically asked me if I wanted my card charged now or when he "started" on my holster. He said he offered that because of how common it is for people to use debit cards and how they like their card to be charged right away. I actually apprecited that because I typically request that very thing although this time I used an actual credit card.

If a guy doesn't keep his word or give good customer service even to those who aren't very good customers, then that's not right but I think it's a shame that people get banned from forums or dog members of other forums in grand generalizations. By the way, I'm not a mall hunter

I'm a pastor and a retired AF NCO who loves his God, country, family and a good weapon. So we should only put the shoe where the shoe fits.

I know in my business (I work a secular job too), there are customers who think we're lousy because we messed up and everything went wrong at the wrong time and their perception was all bad. Can't blame them but our company is actually quite good, really I'm gonna give Mr. Brommeland the benefit of the doubt and see what happens.

Anyway, I enjoy this forum too and enjoy checking out the holsters of many of our good custom holster makers. I wish I'd learned how to do it as a young man as it seems like a fun way to make a living unless you get behind, mess up, loose your temper or have rude customers as I'm sure they do from time to time.

Anyway, God Bless and I'll let you know how my order turns out...
God Bless
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