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Me too!

I too have had a problem getting my holster from Brommeland, and find it pretty frustrating. I ordered it on 8/15/06, paying for it on the spot with PayPal. I sent him a note asking for confirmation of my order and received a courteous reply saying they were backed up about 16 weeks. Hearing this, I just said I hoped to receive it by Christmas.

On 12/17 I sent an inquiry, stating that it had been 16 weeks and asked if Christmas delivery looked likely. I received a reply saying "it is scheduled for delivery the first half of January".

On 1/24/07 I sent another note asking, "soon?" and received a reply saying "I should be shipping it out in 10-14 days".

on 3/15 I asked, "Are we coming close? I had really hoped to have this about three months ago." and was told the order was in a "hot stack" and would be going out in a week.

Today I sent another note asking for a realistic estimate, so I'll see what happens. More and more, I feel like Charlie Brown getting ready to kick the football. I'm sure that when my holster finally arrives, I will be very happy with it, but it's highly unlikely I will ever order from Brommeland again, as it's just not worth the looooooong wait and hassle. I really don't like being a PITA by asking all the time, but every time I asked, it was beyond the time they said it would be shipped. Guess I'll just have to hunker down and hope for the best.
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