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The two smartest things...

We're lucky enough at our club to have an IDPA 5-Gun Master in residence, and we're also lucky enough that he'll share what he knows with those of us less accomplished.

As a shooter, I am usually the guy who shoots fast and, when things aren't working, whose hits looks like rat crap in a dresser drawer. I usuall find that whenever I shoot poorly, its because I'm not doing one of the two things that he's told me I need to work on. The ideas are his; the phrasing is my own.

1. The weak hand is poorly named. In a two-handed firing grip, a "weak" support hand makes for a weak platform, and makes your firing hand grip harder. Because tension in the fingers is sympathetic, your trigger finger is also more tense, causing a loss of trigger control. Furthermore, with a weak platform, recoil is less mitigated, making second shots less accurate and sight reacquisition slower.

In short, make your support hand solid, tight, and strong.

2. Draw the gun the same way every time, whether you're wearing a cover garment or not, no matter the range, no matter your position or movement situation...but take your time with the shot.

Said another way, "fast on the gun, slow on the trigger"

From me, I'd tell you:

- see your sights
- slow down a little; it will cost you a lot less time than you think, and it'll reflect in the quality of your hits.
- practice doesn't make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect, so learn how to practice effectively and efficiently.


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