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Originally Posted by FirstFreedom
Oh that's a low blow, Jseime. At least you don't have to use 4 fingers - two from each hand - to pull the trigger like you do on a Ruger

Muahaha ohhhhh how true that is!

The savage cant be too bad, since I was origionally pushed toward savage rifles by the crew from Sniper Central (including Mele, who is an active military sniper). The Rem 700 is a civie version of the M40A1, which was beloved for its accuracy among USMC snipers who continuasly shot out to 1000 yards with them. the savage, according to 99% of the people at sniper centra, is more accurate.

The stevens was also recommended to me by the same crew, but seeing as how it doesnt have half the features the Savages do, and a bit cheaper stock... I wanted to research before I bought it. Not that Id be out too much money ($250 to be exact) if it turned out to be a bad rifle. Ill be buying a Savage 10FP .308 pretty soon, too.

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