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This one had a (don't laugh) cherry cough syrup odor
Hmmmm... IIRC, naptha and acetone are used in the clandestine production of meth. Perhaps one of the side products was isobutyl acetate, an ester, many of which have floral or fruit smell.
The current war on drugs isn't working as it was originally intended, but I'm not so sure that total legalization is the answer either.
Agreed. Perhaps with compounds like meth and other such personality altering chemicals we should adopt the model I read about the Brits trying. Genuine addicts get their supply via a Rx from a physician so their health can be monitored, and if they begin to spiral out of control and look to become a danger to others they can be institutionalized until the addiction is back under control. Three times into treatment in some period of time and the addict gets banished to a modern "Leper Colony" where if the crater, they do not damage the rest of us.
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