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I am glad you are willing to ask the Q. I cannot speak for all ranges, only ours. I am the Range Safety Marshal. We are an outdoor range. Our proceedures are outlined in DETAIL when I give a range orientation to a new member.

There is no specific thing for a shooter to say when wanting to go check a target, put up a new, or take down old to clean up & leave. When a new shooter arrives the one responsible for the firing line watches until they get all gear out & are ready. They say they are ready to set up targets. From there we have specific commands that everyone knows.

Firing Line Captain: Loud & clear.
Make the line safe.
Magazines out, Actions locked open. (Rifle range this includes lever guns & single shots. Pistol range cylinders open. If there is a Kel-Tec .380 on the pistol line that will not lock open it has to have something in the ejection port to hold it open.) Firing lind Captain visually checks each.
Rifle range: Rack your weapons. No rack on the pistol range.
Line is safe. Go check your targets.
(No one does anything w/ a firearm while anyone is in front of the firing line.)
All return & the FLC counts to be sure all are back.
You may load & make ready. Eye protection & ears.
The line is hot. You may fire at will.

If only 2 or 3 on the line we dont require that formal on the virbal. We do require the use of the rifle rack, all mags out & actions locked open, & no working on a gun w/ someone in front of the FL.
Hope this is a help.
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