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Where is the "sport" in harming something that has no chance of returning the favor?
You can extrapolate to say using a rifle or shotgun against most anything that is unarmed lacks "sport". You need to join a knitting forum.

Yes, there are still Live Pigeon Shoots in the US. Private, invitation only. I don't do it as it is, 1) invitation only and I am not on the list, and 2) expensive.

But, this AM a friend and I purchased 10 bobwhite quail. Took then out with dog and guns and killed them. Going to eat them. Where's the "sport" in that! Guess we should have put little air-ground missles on their legs. Where I did my undergrad work, not too long ago, the campus would close for a weekend in April and student/faculty "thinned" the pigeons. I used a Model 870 in 20G!
"Outlaw guns and only outlaws will have guns!" Unfortunately, we may be moving in that direction.
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