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This year elk hunting, I dropped my cow with a .308. I used Barnes 180gr FB loping along at 2300fps. I was up hill from her and double-lunged her. She fell up hill...never took another breath, far as I can tell.

My buddy shot the herd cow about an hour prior to mine with a 7mm mag. 160gr Barnes XLC. Can't remember the velocity right now, but 2800fps seems about right.

Three shots in the furnace, one which broke her front shoulder, running up hill for a good 75 yards, trying to get her girls to safety. She was one tough lady, and I'm amazed at the punishment she took. She was still running when she slowed down just enough for my friend to end it with a head shot.

How she could walk, let alone run, with that shoulder, was a minor miracle. It was completely destroyed. Her lungs were jello and her heart had a huge hole it in. She was tough.


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