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but if your looking for a reason to buy a new gun, I doubt a 06 would work at all
Tee hee. Thanks. Oh yeah, that's what I'm thinking now - contrary to all popular wisdom, the '06 would probably bounce off, so gotta get another gun!

Good points all - they may not be as tough as elk, in psychological terms (just will to stay alive), but being much meaner than elk - the bulls anyway - that's a good reason to want the shot to kill *quickly*!

Another option would be to get a second .30-06 and dedicate one to 165s-180s for elk, and dedicate the second (in terms of scope choice, zero, ammo selection for accuracy) to 220s for meese, bison & such, but then again, with modern bullet construction, as Art & others point out, it's not really necessary. Actually it's really unnecessary, since meese usually hang out in woodsy areas near water, so shots are going to be short, in which case the .45-70 can be the moose gun. Anyone EVER heard of a long shot at a moose?

And where do caribou fit into the scheme of toughness/ will to live? They seem to fall instantly a lot more often then elk on hunting shows when shot. That's the extent of my non-whitetail ungulate experience hunting - tv shows.
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