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FF- Yeah, I knew the roost was 100 yds downhill from my position. I've killed many turkeys over the years from that same hillside so I knew what I was doing. I doubt he could see the decoys since the woods are thick. He knew I was there because I did call a few times (I believe that less-is-more in that regard) and I think he just came to investigate. I've had them do that before where they come in hushed-up but they still come.

lil_bro - That's awesome. I've never been able to stalk-and-shoot a turkey like that and it looks like a mature bird. I have bushwhacked a few (shooting them as they walk by on a trail like a deer. No calling, no decoys.) Load up with a good #4 or #5 turkey load and you won't need to shoot 'em twice.
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