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The youth season was open this weekend so I went one and shot this guy today.(my first one to.)

I heard him gobbling about 2:00 this afternoon around a creek that runs through our property so I go out and sit by a tree about 50yds from the creek and started calling but he didn't respond and stopped gobbling.I was not sure where he went but I thought that he might have went up one of the oil field roads that runs through the very back of our property so I took a shortcut to try to get in front of him before he went off our property.I got to the road about 50yds right behind him and another tom.They saw me but didn't seem to care and just kept walking down the road.I waited untill they went off the road and into the thick brush that is along the sides of the road and then I crouched down and very quickly and very quietly walk down the road to the spot where they both went into the brush.I stood up to see both of them about 30yds into the brush looking right at me so I took the safety off of my maverick,put the bead on his neck about 3" below his head,squeezed the trigger,and down he went.When I got closer I saw that he still had his eyes open and he was looking at me so I shoot him a second and then he start flopping around so I knew I hit him good the second time.

The load I was using was Remington Heavy-Dove .no6 with a ex-full choke.

So anyway thats my turkey story.

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