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I'm a cop, and Claire Wolfe takes a lot of shots at what cops do. Sometimes, she takes shots at what I specifically may do.

I love it.

She's well-spoken in her writing. She researches her viewpoints. She brings to light the unintended consequences of many types of law enforcement.

Claire Wolfe is a big example of how S.W.A.T. is a magazine for everyone, not just cops and "operators."

Good lord, you ought to see the freaking assumptions in many police rags that I sometimes read. Pick up an American Police Beat sometime. Besides the writing being quite poor, it's highly canted against the citizen, and is all about the cops' point of view, no matter what. Damned citizens. Don't they understand that we're keeping them safe?

Rich knew what he was doing when he kept Denny as the chief editor. Rich also knew what he was doing when he retained a libertarian collumnist like Claire Wolfe.
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