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Sharp Phil - no I am not an engineer, but I appreciate your kind words.

Just an update in case anyone was following this...

A member of another forum I frequent called GunVault on the issue and was able to get some more info out of them. Prior to February 2005 the company was owned by Security Products, and the "new" company owners acknowledge that the "cable crimping" door was a problem with older units. So, the new owners say that units purchased after February 2005 should not have the same problem, and if they do, GunVault will repair or replace the door mechanism if it breaks regardless of the warranty because that part would be deemed faulty.

GunVault says there is no way to determine whether or not the unit you own is the old or new - they refer you to date of purchase to decide. This just is not acceptable, IMHO. Lord knows how many old/faulty GunVault safes have sat on distributor shelves until well after February 2005, but the end user would have no way to know whether or not their unit was the "OK" one...

Also, I'm eager to see someone with an official post-Feb. 2005 model disassemble the unit and show me what has changed - I'm willing to bet we would see no design change. Also, they claim they will repair or replace the door, but their own technician has told me and several other people I've spoken with that no replacement/spare parts are kept at their facility - I'm guess that "repair or replace the door" once again means "exchange the whole unit".

I am fairly frustrated at this point with the company's disregard for the end user - I just might have to order my credit card statements from summer/fall 2005 to get my purchase date to see if I can't put GunVault's feet to the fire on this - I want to see for myself how they supposedly rectified the problem in the newer units.
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