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I got mine from Walmart a couple months back for around $55. It works great for the price. I also disable the audible chirp for obvious reason. One thing that needs some consideration is that the batteries are inside the safe, so if the battery is drained while the thing is locked, you'll have to use the key. That means you'll always have to have the key nearby. I solved this by purchasing one of those little Master key holders that has a 4 digits combination (9999 possible user settable combinations). I store the key in the key holder and keep it near the safe, but out of sight. The Master key holder is very sturdy and chances are, the safe itself will probably be broken into easier than this key holder. I got the key holder from Home Depot. Also, the internal light of the safe is very dim; it is just enough for you NOT to fumble around and make more noise. Maybe that was intentional.
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