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Linda Carbine with "Armalloy bolt and barrel"

I live in Idaho, and went to the factory to purchase my Linda. It was shortly after it had been sold to Northwest Arms. Mr. Wilkinson had passed away. The new owner, John, said that production stopped because of the previous owners death. The CNC equipment looked top notch, and they still had about 500 Linda's available for sale (that was in 1999). I had a little trouble with the unit jamming occasionally. I returned to the factory with it and have had no trouble with it since. My Linda has an "armalloy" barrel and bolt. It operates exactly the same as my friends standard model, but is supposed to be tougher. The barrel and bolt on the armalloy model are silver instead of black. I shoot the gun regularly. I purchased it with the optional C-more sighting system. I can stand and shoot a 6" resetting target at 50 yards and hit it every time (as long as I let it settle). It's a great gun.
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