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First Timer, Questions about Range

I just bought my first gun a Glock G17 and while I was talking to the gunshop guy he mentioned that there were no good ranges nearby, so the thought occured to me "Why not start one!"

So here is the land setup: 20 acres square with 3 sides open and the back facing very dense woods with the nearest house about a mile from the back. I read that the NRA wants at least 12' berms so that wouldn't be a problem but would the acreage be enough for all types of guns or just short range. I guess what I am wanting to know is what would you look for when you go to a range and any ideas that you can give me as to how to set it up. If any of you know the requirements for starting a range as far as legal standards or insurance and such. I figured that asking a huge amount of gun owners what they like when they go to the range would be the best start to my quest, and now that I am getting into this myself it could benefit everybody. Any ideas?
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