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I bought a Lee 1000 (I think) set up for 9mm from Gander Mountain and changed my mind and returned it for a RCBS Master Reloading Kit from same place back in 1993. It cost about $259 at the time and I got a free Hand Primer to boot. I bought a #1 can of Hercules Unique for $17, 200 primers at $1.25 per 100, a box of lead 9mm bullets can't rem the price right off but still got 1/2 box, a set of RCBS 9mm dies for about $30 and already had a bunch of brass I had been saving.
I played around with them for about 2 months before boxing the press and accessories up and putting them away.

I divorced in 1997, remairied in 1999. My new wife liked to shoot, so together we built a reloading bench, unpacked the RCBS and started reloading. We now have a Lee Challanger Press gotten in trade, Midway case cleaner, seperator, just got a Lyman T-Mag and we have dies for 9mm, .38/.357, .40 SW, .44/.44mag, .45 Colt, .45 ACP and load for all but the .357 (son't have a revolver to shoot those, YET!). Looking into buying a progressive or turret style press and getting into casting.

It ain't about saving money anymore like it was when I started, It is about fun. We love to reload and shoot. Both activities are just as rewarding, but shooting is probably the funnest. We have two boys, 2 & 5 and plan on teaching them how to reload too.

It can be a recreational hobby or a chore, we think of it as a recreational hobby cause we love it.
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