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I have been using lead bullets in my 1911 for years. no problems with lead. I even mold my own from time to time. I do the conversion from whell weights to 1 lb ingots out of doors to avoid lead issues. But do the bullets in the garage. Ventilation is the key. if your shooting at an out door range lead is not an issue. at a commercial indoor range it should have adequate ventilation. If it didn't the people that work there would be in big trouble. Most of the airborne lead comes from hitting the backstop. I suppose if your were in a habbit of licking the backstop you could get in lead trouble rather quickly. One person on here tested his bench and loading room. the highest level of lead was around his tumbler. after that he would put the lid on when tumbleing brass. As with any shooting when you can wash up. Don't let the kids chew on your clothes when you return form the range. Change your clothes. Whaching your chothes will remove any contamination. Lead doesn't react well unless a catalyst is present. they are still finding bullets at Gettysburg that have the rifleing marks intact.
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