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I'll agree, your prices are way (way, way, way!!) high. The only handgun caliber I currently load is my .32 Mag. but here is my cost.

Powder around here goes for between $18-$23. Primers around $22. Haven't priced .45 bullets lately but Meister .32 cal. cast lead go for around $16/500. If you use Hodgdon "Tightgroup" a 1 lbs can of powder will last a heck of a long time (1000's of rounds) You'll use 1/2 the "Tightgroup" vs most other powders. 100 rounds cost me around $6 ($.02 for primer, $.03 for bullet, $.01 for powder). Compare that to .22 LR CCI Minimags at the current price of $5.50 and it's doesn't cost much more to shoot my .32 mag.

If reloading a .45 the bullet price and the powder price would about double. That means $10/100. I think the .45 ACP Winchester WB at walmart sells for about $23/100.

You also get the added benifit of having good ammo. Not the cheap crap they sell for around for $12/50 (Winchester WB, CCI Blazer, Sellior&Beliot)(sp?). When I was reloading .45 acp I could throw together about any combo and get groups about half the size of the groups I'd get with cheap storebought crap. My gun fuctioned a heck of a lot better too.

Summery: You pay half as much for ammo 5 times better.

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