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Correct cost?

I'm once again entertaining the idea of reloading. If I do start, it would be for .45 ACP.
So I ran some figures and I'm not sure if I have this right... I'm a bit tired right now, but can't get this out of my head.

One pound of powder with shipping costs: $45.00

230 Gr. FMJ .45 ACP / 500 bullets: $52.00

500 primers: $23.00

5.0 Grains of powder for each load and I can get/have brass for free.

I come up with $9.11 for a box of fifty rounds, not counting the shipping on bullets. At current calculations, I think I can get about 1400 rounds out of a pound of powder. Does all of this sound right?
Add to that, I have not gone to local sources yet to see what their prices are like. If I didn't have to deal with the shipping costs on powder, it would come down to $15.00 a pound. What kills me is that I can get an "ok" box of .45 ACP / 50 rounds for $10.00.
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