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So Brommeland's response to questions regarding his customer service is to insult me? I can't say I'm surprised. I'd never heard of the man until I got into an argument with him at CombatCarry, and it was pretty obvious he was too busy telling the world he was always right ever to actually hear anything to the contrary.

My friend never asked for pity and never asked Brommeland for a discount of any kind. He placed his order more than a year ago and was repeatedly promised delivery, in exactly the same way as other customers have reported. He's never been anything but patient with Gary. It's a shame Mr. Brommeland feels it's necessary to respond with vitriol when he could instead simply do his best to fill the order. That's not how I would treat an unhappy customer.

But then, does that really come as a surprise? This is not the first thread I've seen on this topic -- but I'm the problem?

I'm telling you, the firearms community does NOT need more custom and semi-custom makers (of holsters, knives, whatever) who act like they're doing their customers a favor when they complete an order. For the sake of argument, though, let's say I don't know what I'm talking about. Let's say in my friend's case, the delay is more than understandable.

That's just one customer. What about the others?
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