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I suspect what Dave has is one of those squarish cardboard "cans" that I haven't seen for quite awhile.
DingDingDing! Correct answer. Its a yellow, squarish "can." Mike, no pull-out plastic spout. Just a press-fit round top. I could find NO lot numbers on it.

Square paper can looks to be in good shape, no stains. He kept it stored indoors. Smells good.

I suppose I could call Hodgdon, but I'm having fun with the detective work, first.

Its sounding like early-mid '70s vintage. Although I'm impressed with Unclenick's inflation analysis, which would put it at 1962.

Anyone familiar with the yellow, squarish cans with press-fit round top? Are there powder collectors, like cartridge collectors?

I don't currently have any cartridges to use H110 on. Dang, I may have to buy a .44 or .357mag, or an M1 carbine, just so I have a way of using up this powder.
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