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I think both Hercules (later Alliant) and Scot for sure had plastic-lined paper cannisters into the 90's. It is his Hodgdon powder I am thinking went to plastic sometime earlier, but I can't recall when? I have a plastic cannister of HS-6 that I bought sometime in 80's, but when I try to remember which house I lived in at the time, I'm not sure? Might have been as early as '85 or so, but probably was more like '88 or '89. I suspect what Dave has is one of those squarish cardboard "cans" that I haven't seen for quite awhile.

In any event, $2.25 per pound is going back aways, regardless of when the packaging style actually changed? It is about $0.15 on the dollar relative to current price, so, if powder prices have matched historical inflation rates, that would put it about 1962, based on Oregon State University's charts of value in terms of the 2006 dollar.
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