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I did my time in the 101st Airborne, nothing happened in Cuba and I was mustered out before Viet nam got really nasty. I thought about re upping, but my brand new wife and baby had a say in the situation. I somehow got stuck in the active reserves rather than in the in inactive reserves, but I was in a training company and the time spent was fun for me. I didn't even try to correct the error on the part of the Military.
I had a chance to go to learn to fly helicopters while in the reserve and during Viet Nam, but they would have had to "reactivate" me to full service to qualify for the school, where I would have the rank of Warrent Officer. We had another baby by this time so I guess I chose not to put myself in harms way again. Hell, the Army had their chance to put me in combat, they elected not too, I guees I was one of the lucky ones that served and had no real danger involved. Today I watch the show, Band of brothers,, what could be more true of the Military and the men and women in service.
My salutes to all who have ever served in the past and especially to those today that do serve, unselfishly and as volunteers.
To this day, when I hear the Star Spangled Banner played, it still sorta gets me inside. When thy play the National Anthem, I think I am the first to stand up, at attention, and hell I am 64 now.
As screwed up as some thing are, I still love my Country, always have, always will.
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