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From what I remember in Wisconsin it cost $37 for a liscence after the last price increase. Then there is a habitat fee, ($6 I think. I don't live there anymore) game liscence ($15) and I think that's it. Out of staters pay like $137 for a deer tag. It's rediculous how outies get the shaft on this stuff. (we have a 57 acre plot out in the boonies in Bergum Coulee outside of La Crosse onalaska area. Closer to Holnam.) Our party has taken a twelve pointer or six for you westerners, and a massive 10 pointer (5 points). Had a 16 1/2" spread at tips, 24" spread at main beam, 7" T1 tines, 4" brow tines, and a 4 1/2" circumference at the thickest part. T2's were I think 5" and T3's were 3". The twelve pointer (6) had a 3 "spread at tips But that's all I could guess since it was not taken by my family. Not really that impressive except for the sheer number of tines (was a typical type). Now I consider that 10 pointer to be worth the $130+ we paid for. We got two does that year too.
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