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In SC, you can use a ML during the rifle season but not during bow season. Basically anything goes: in-line, 209 primer, sabots, pelletized powder, jacketed bullets, scopes, etc. Guns (long or hand) must be .36 cal or larger IIRC and single-shot.

The season overlaps some or all of bow season in many game zones (but not all). There are antlerless-deer (doe) days where you can harvest a doe and you can buy up to 4 doe tags for use on other days for $5 each. In some zones you can use all four and in other zones only 2. For all seasons combined in my zone, you are allowed 5 bucks total. I haven't tried to figure out how many does I could kill or how many total deer I could take if I hunted in the other zones. Suffice it to say that you'd need a dump truck. You can also take two deer per day.
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