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Muzzleloader Season Rules In Your State

In the vein of what is most popular to hunt and how much it costs to hunt, I figured I'd start this.

I know that muzzleloaders in hunting are very contentious. Some people want nothing but buckskins and roundball-shooting flintlocks. Others say, as long as it loads from the front, I'll allow it.

But I'm not worried about that here. What does your state F&G or DNR or whatever list as a legal muzzleloader and what restrictions are there?

I'll start:
Under New Hampshire regulations, if it loads from the muzzle, it's a muzzleloader. Pelletized powder, OK, saboted bullets, OK, scopes, sure, inlines and break-action inlines (like my Encore), we'll allow it. I'm pretty sure the Savage 10ML is legal as well.

The restrictions are that it be over .40-caliber and single-barreled. A hunter may only have one muzzleloading rifle and one muzzleloading pistol (also single-barreled and over .40-caliber) on them during the hunt.

There are no extra tags issued for the muzzleloader permit; you must use your regular firearms deer tag. Muzzleloader season runs for about a week and a half before the start of firearms deer season in November. If you don't fill your deer tag during the muzzleloader season, you are free to fill it during rifle season after.

What's it like everywhere else?
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