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Here in Washington there are 5 different choices for big game licenses.
#1. Deer + Elk + Cougar + Bear. totals $72.27 for adult resident
#2. Deer + Elk. Totals $61.32 for adult resident
#3. Deer OR Elk + Cougar + Bear. Totals $50.37 for adult resident
#4. Deer OR Elk Totals $39.42 for adult resident
#5. Cougar + Bear Totals $21.90 for adult resident
We then have to pick which weapon for the elk and deer tags, archery, muzzelloader, or modern firearm. That makes it so you cannot hunt that animal in any other season except for the season made for your weapon choice. Muzzelloaders are only legal here wih NO copper jackets, no scope or optics, and the action must be exposed, like precussion cap, and flintlock style guns. Prices are about half for youth (16 or less) or a disabled veteran. The non-resedent cost is about 10 times more (acctual figures not exageration). It is illigal to hunt any wildlife in washington with a crossbow or a bow that has a device holding it back, unless you are permenantly disabled.
There is no baiting or use of hounds allowed for cougar or bear.
Then for small game it is $32.85 unless you have already purchased a big game then it is reduced to $17.52. Grouse and Coyote can be hunted with either a big or small game license.
Turkey tags are $15.33 each.
West side Pheasant permit is $39.42.
Second bear tag is $10.95
Second cougar tag is $10.95
To buy a second tag for bear or cougar you must show proof that the first tag has been used.

I currently buy option #1, $72.27, a small game $17.52, and my freshwater fishing license every year. This all totals $111.69 every year. This year all I have to show for that is a ton of hiking, one rabbit, and a lost grouse. Thats not including fishing which I have plenty to show for, well worth that extra $21.90, but this is a hunting forum isnt it.

And thats not if you put in for anything for raffle like; moose tag, mt goat tag, bighorn sheep tag, spring bear tag, fall turkey tag, cow elk tag or doe tag (for units that only allow bulls or bucks), and elk or deer tags for units that are closed off except to drawing winners.
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