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New Hampshire, combination (would be a sportsman anywhere else I think) is $48.50. Gives you one whitetail tag for firearms season, small game hunting and fishing. Just the hunting license is $24.50.

Now if you want to add muzzleloader season (uses your firearms deer tag) it's $16. Bear is $16. Pheasant is $16. Turkey is $6 for 2 tags. Archery deer hunting is $24.50 or $22 plus the original hunting license ($48.50 or 24.50).

If I remember correctly, to get every NH tag comes out to $124.50.

Oh, and we have a moose drawing. $10 to enter and $100 for residents, $300 for non-residents. That and you must possess a valid hunting license.

Don't worry, I won't post the non-resident prices on licenses. But just a taste, a non-resident hunting and fishing license is around $143.50 IIRC.

Edited: Ah, here's the price list:
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