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New Hampshire:

1) Whitetails. No question this is the most popular around here. Last year was a record season with a kill around 13,000 deer. (Nope, I didn't have one to add to that number! )

2) Probably turkey. It's $6 for a spring and a fall tag, and now we have a shotgun season in the fall here in the western part of the state (for another $11 "tag").

3) Pheasants, I'd have to guess. It's a stock and kill season around here, with no real wild populations. They tell me it gets worse every year, and I know the locals complain that most of the birds go to Massachusetts hunters who come up for opening weekend. (We open a week earlier IIRC and have no restrictions on residents/non-residents for the early season and Sundays are open too.)

Then there's black bear, grouse, coyote, squirrels, waterfowl and surely others I'm forgetting. Also popular is moose hunting, which is conducted through a lottery and permit system. $10 for a chance to draw, then $100 for a resident and $300 for a non-resident if drawn.
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