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Sharp Phil.... Ive talked to Gary about your friends order and he let me in on his side of this story.

It turns out your friend had a run of bad luck and got FUBAR'D in a car wreck. Laying him up for quite a while and Gary felt like giving him a break by substantially discounting his order..therefore helping him out. He told him that he would get worked in when he could.

He also ordered a rather large length belt, 54" inch, and was also notified at the time of order that this would take a very long time to get leather to accomidate the length needed to make it.

I can attest that hides that size, without brand marks, scratches and range marks are very few and far between....

On top of Gary's supplier problems, which myself and many other makers have encountered as of late and the situation with your friend....Ive been told by Gary personally that its getting done now and will ship very soon.

This is straight from Gary and am only repeating dont shoot the messenger....

"Quote from Gary" "In my opinion, this is just one of the many instances in which Mr. Elmore shoots his mouth off without gathering all of the facts first! For those of you are familiar with his posts on the various forums, this should come as no surprise!"
End Quote....

Hope this clarifies things a tad.....


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