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It's just not right

If you don't get the OK to do so from the buyer for the seller to collect money on his or hers credit card before having the product ready to ship. IMHO is just plain not right. Notice I am stopping short of saying it's stealing or using moneys the seller has not earned yet. But IMHO it really boils down to the the fact the seller is using someones money to live on before he earned it and thats just not right.

If you place your order with Gary Brommland or any other Belt and Holster maker and they tell you it will be six (6) to ten (10) weeks you will get your order and then quickly chargers your credit card the full amount of sale without ever asking you or telling you they are doing so. And then twelve (12) Months later you don't have your order. Something is really wrong and this is the main reason I and others are here posting what has happened to us so others in this Forum will know the real facts before they place their orders and give their credit card numbers out.
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