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This is a great post, very interesting. I have hunted lots of bears, all kinds, but something happened to me about fifteen years ago, I killed a little cinnamon bear, less than 200 pounds and a sick feeling came over me. I have not shot a black bear since, not saying I never will, but it is not likely. Wolves are another touchy subject for me, my wife had a wolfdog and it was the smartest dog I ever seen and I have been around German Shepherds, so that is saying something.

As to
Feral Dogs and feral cats are ferocious predators
I fully agree, they are perhaps the worst pests and feral dogs will not fear humans and might attack even if not provoked. I will shot feral dogs without a second thought!

So bears and wolves are animals I'm least likely to hunt. Mountain lions and bobcats I hunt, but I won't go out of my way to hunt them. I guess I do identify with some predators.

I will shoot skunks if they come around my place and I still call coyotes and have no problem hunting them, so that is some contradiction.

As to possums, I have hunted them and ate them!

As to using dogs, I have used them to hunt hogs and think it is the best way to hog hunt, good dogs and a 44 magnum revolver!
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