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Weekwacker, have you ever tried to shoot things at 1000 feet? Thats under 350 yards. Get you a gallon milk jug and a 100 ft tape. Go out and measure 1000 feet and see if you can hit that jug with any regularity. A foot square target will work too but you can see if you hit the jug full of water.

Not off a bench there aren't gonna be any bench rests where your hunting, if your lucky you can use a big rock or stump a tree limb or trunk to steady against.. Not counting the fact that you will have probably been walking. take That jug out and shoot it off hand at 1000 feet.

It will give you a great perspective of how far that really is. If you don't hit a elk where it counts your in for a very long day at the very least.

Don't be one of those jerks that shoot at animals to far away, and the animal runs off and then they say " I musta miss em" I have seen that when there is a good chance a wounded animal is running. It is IMO one of the worst offenses I unfortunately have witnessed from unethical hunters
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