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I have no doubt that many reloaders do save money.
but in the fact that they shoot that many fewer rounds when they go to the range because of all the time they spend on reloading-related activities instead of shooting.
Everybody I know that reloads does it for the accuracy of the ammo and to be able to shoot twice as much for the same money, myself included. The money savings isn't where we put money back into our pocket, its the fact that we can shoot twice as much as you for the same money.
1. There is the scrounge time of collecting brass off the ground at the range.
The range has to be swept anyway, it just goes into my bucket instead of theirs.
2. ...brass sorting time (which may be done at the range)
I do this while I am watching TV, that is non-productive time anyway.
3. ...brass grading (which may be done at the range)
I don't know very many people that do this. Most people shoot them until they split.
4. ...brass depriming
This is part of the reloading process. It is done in the press at the same time as dropping powder, seating the bullet and crimping.
5. ...brass cleaning
This is done at the same time as number 2 or while I am doing other things around the house. Five minutes to load the tumbler and five minutes to unload. Doesn't take long.
6. ...brass inspection
This is also done at the same time as number 2. So as you can see there really isn't a lot of time involved in all the prep work. I can load 200 to 250 rounds per hour so I can load 1000 rounds a week in a few hours. Double Naught Spy, when you go to the range to shoot do you shoot for bullseye type accuracy or do you just shoot for metal plate type accuracy? I shoot in some bullseye matches and try to load my ammo for that. I am confused when you say reloaders go to the range more for reloading than shooting. Everybody I know will shoot a few hundred rounds when they go to the range. I pay attention to which reloads I load into my gun and can see the accuracy difference on the target so I don't see where I am spending more time at the range for reloading than shooting. Maybe you just ran into a couple of reloaders in your area that make it look harder than it really is.
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