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One thing a draw exception to on your list as time spent on reloading is picking up the brass. back in the military we called the policeing your brass. At the range I shoot at people that don't pick up their brass are considered range slobs.

That said, If I "charged" myself what I charged my customers for consulting work it would be cheaper to just buy new ammo. I did charge more than I suspect the factory worker costs. They are more efficient in that they use the equipment better suited for mass production. As I'm retired and have the time but not as much money, it's more cost effective for me to reload. Yes I put a lot of effort into loading the best ammo I can make for my rifles. That is not the case with the .38 and .45 stuff I load. I spent many enjoyable hours developing the exact load for each rifle that will be more accurate than the best I can get off the shelf. For example. for my 22-250 the best factory ammo will shoot around a 1 MOA group. My home brew stuff does under .25 MOA. Bear in mind a lot of that development time is range time shooting. How do you cost shooting at the range? Once developed I could pay some custom ammo mfg to make the custom ammo but that would be rather pricey. I suspect it would be double the cost of off the shelf stuff at least.

Truthfully, most hand loaders don't put a cent back in their pocket. they do shoot a lot more. Bottom line is if you don't think you would enjoy the process, it's not worth it. Just go down to the store and buy some more ammo and go shoot.

BTW anyone know where I can get a brass magnet???
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