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Well lets take a different look at this reintroduction thing. When the wolf ran free in America a couple of hundred years ago there was how many millions of buffalo at least that many million antelope. Elk were a plains animal and a different people lived here, or at least west of the Mississippi River, Everything was different. Then things changed to farms city's etc. It is impossible to return no matter how hard we try. Man has done pretty good with what was left the last 100 years or so why mess up the balance we have now?

Here in Idaho our Fish and Game Dept's. IMO have done a great job over the last 75 years or so. Deer and elk hunting is maybe the best it has ever been and thing are kept pretty much in balance.

60 wolves were released, with a target of 300 in this whole NW area. Now we have 12 to 1500. Does this sound reasonable really? The whole thing was/is a fiasco from the start but if it had been kept in check like the so called target amount it wouldn't be so bad. But that my friends is not what is happening.

Whats on the Calif. State flag? It's a grizzly bear. Why don't we reintroduce Grizzles into the Angles Natl. Forest, Yosemite, the Sierra's, Redwoods and heck even the coastal Mountains.

It is a different time now and we can't go back no matter how hard we try.
It is a shame so many of you have fallen into the propaganda trap of the environmentalists. Same as the poor folks that have never been around guns are against them and want "gun control".

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