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Washington's Army in July, 1781

In his review of Washington's Army in July, 1781, Baron Ludwing von Closen, a member of Rochambeau's staff, made the following observations:

It is really painful to see these brave men, almost naked, with only some trousers and linen jackets, most of them without stockings, but, would you believe it? Very cheerful and happy in appearance...
The only American regiment that impressed Bavarian von Closen was the Rhode Island Regiment which was largely composed of black troops.

the most neatly dressed, the best under arms, and the most precise in manuevers.
French Chaplain Claude Robins aso commented that the Americans travelled with only forty pounds of baggage per 3-4 men whereas the French were almost doubled over because of their baggage in addition to each regiment requiring 14 wagons!
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