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I appreciate your apology King. This issue is very easy to look at from afar through "Rose colored glasses" if you know what I mean. Unfortunately, people who live in San Fransisco who have never even set foot in any forest, let alone the mountains of Wyoming, decide that they know what is best for me and my state. I agree that wolves have a right to exist, everything does for that matter. The area of concern is when thier right to exist directly effects the right of men to live safely and happily. As nasty as it may sound, the farmers and ranchers who homesteaded here over 150 years ago worked for many years to rid this area of wolves. For other people who have never had to deal with or confront this problem to decide that they no what's best, is completely rediculous. I apologize as well King, this is a touchy subject with me, and I lit off pretty good. I did not mean to dump you into that well of Liberalism that has really torqued me into a frenzy as of late.
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