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You bet problems

I have ordered belts from Gary Brommeland and I can tell you his word on when he will ship your order is nothing but a guess. Get ready for a long long wait. Also I bet he hit your credit card quickly say in 3 t0 4 weeks after you placed order. Gary likes using his customers money while they wait. You can e-mail Gary call Gary it won't speed him up any. He has a million excuses I have heard them all. Like hes busy filling orders for our fighting men in Iraq, and hes still getting his shop setup after his last move. He can't get quality hides. on and on and on. Truth is Gary just works at his own pace. BIG problem is he charges your credit card and lives off your money. This I can't deal with so I won't ever again buy anything for Gary Brommeland. You just can't trust this guy his word is flat no good.

I highly recommend getting belts from Rafters Gun leather
and holsters from Comp-Tac
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