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+1 on the legalities of shooting a charging bear off in the distance, a grizz anyway. Here in NW Wyoming, where we have a few grizzlies, the game & fish department are quick to inititate full investigations whenever a grizzly bear is shot and/or killed. They're so protected that I've heard many game wardens say that if you kill a grizzly bear, you had better have marks on you to prove that you were truly in danger of losing your life. To make it even worse, they have said that even with marks on you, the grizzly bear should have been pepper sprayed before you shoot it. It's pretty much rediculous that you have a better chance of getting away with murdering a human being in cold blood, than to get away with shooting a grizzly to save your own life. That being said, most of the guides and outfitters around here use 12 guage shotguns with a combo of slug & buckshot ammo as bear deterrent.
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