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Thats what I carry also, an 870 w/18" rifled slug barrel and or a .44mag Mountain Gun.

Never have shot a bear but I have shooed away a brown bear with my .44mag. My wife wakes me up at four in the morning and goes " There's a bear out there." It had just visited the neighbors smoke house full of salmon. Our dog was freaking out under the house, so like a numbskull I grab my .44 and go look out the porch door.

So I'm standing up in the porch, with a zillion mosquitoes, a freaking out dog and a young brown bear walking towards me, and I just opened my eyes about a minute ago. So I pop off a round up and over towards the Yukon.
Mr. Bear stops but the shot didn't phase him. He turns broadside, perfect shot and the hammer comming back when he walks away. I called or local cops next and they said they would watch for it. He hung around for a few days on the edge of our village and then left. A lucky bear!

Another time we were picking berries and I hear my wife screaming something about a bear. We're on a small hill near the top so I run over to her and she points up the hill and there is a black bear. It was just picking berries too. I had my .44 out and started yelling and waving to get its attention. It saw me and turned and bolted.

My bear stories.
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