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Rem33 said, "According to Fish and Game in some areas the elk calf survival rate is only 5 or 10%, F&G is blaming the wolf. Something needs be done before the damage to game herds is to extensive."

You are absolutely right. Once the game herds are sufficiently decimated by wolf pack, the ecofreaks can nos state thatw e do not need hunters to keep game herd in check, so let's outlaw hunting. Once that happens, the anti-gun people will say, that since there is no hunting allowed, you don't need to own guns. Turn them all in.
While that may sound a bit far out. Many of those ecofreaks are already breaking laws in the name of animals. Animal Liberation front for example.As long as the wolf stays on a protected list, out hunting rights will go right down the crapped. They are vocal. They are loud, They have the money and they won't be stopped as long as we who hunt are kept divided.
To be perfectly blunt, we as gun owners and hunter had better get out heads out of our arses and join up to fight those who would take our avocation away from us. Join the NRA, GOA JPFO or whatever organiztion floats your boat. Join and all work together to put those who would deprive us if our right to keep and bear arms. Because when it come to where the rubber meets the pavement, the Second Amendment ain't about hunting. If they can lower the game population to where hunting is no longer allowed, how long do you think they will wait to collect all the guns? Sen. Feinstein has alrady stated that if she's have had the vote, we'd be turning them in.

What animal would I never want to hunt? I don't know. Never gave it much thought until now. Probably the great bears. I figure they're probably not all that good eating. I don't go out of my way to shoot trophy deer either. Probably way too tough to chew, and anyway I'm not into an ego trip on getting some poor critter into a "book". I'm that nemesis of the trophy hunter. I hunt to eat meat that hasn't been bastardized by greedy folks who own feedlots and pollute the meat with chemicals and hormones.
Just a thought to ponder. They say we have an epidemic of obesity in this country. Could it be that the chemicals they feed the animals in the feedlots don't cook out when we cook these animals? Could that be a main cause of the obesity?
OK. I apologize for getting off thread. It just seems to all run together.
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