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Numbers I have read are more like 1200 to 1500 in the three states. Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Word is they have spread farther across the Snake River into Oregon But to my knowledge that hasn't been substantiated at least not in the newspapers. But then I have seen at least two flocks of wild turkeys were they aren't suppose to be on F&G maps.

Approximately 60 wolves were released with a target amount of around 300. We are way above the target amount and the fight is on to delist and let hunters have tags. Hopefully later this year but more likely next.

IMO more likely even farther out as the lawsuits are gonna fly over this for sure.

According to Fish and Game in some areas the elk calf survival rate is only 5 or 10%, F&G is blaming the wolf. Something needs be done before the damage to game herds is to extensive.
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