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Seal are the hardware-stores and fast-food establishments of the far north. I had some seal-sushi with some native folks up in AK once... it was a great honor to be invited to the meal as pickings can be slim up there from time to time. The skins make the warmest jackets you can imagine, the fat is great for cooking and "medicine", the tendons can make a strong rope, the meat and some of the organs are so tastey that you can eat them raw with no problems, and some of the fatty meat makes for an outstanding plate of "seal bacon".

If you get a chance to try some seal, don't let the chance slide past. Just because they are "cute" does not mean they are inedible. Quite the opposite, actually...

EDIT- I think I remember the jackets were actually made of caribou hide. Oh, well... I'm sure seal skin has some sort of clothing use.

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