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Art I don't disagree with what you say. I would not hunt if I was guaranteed a kill every time. I don't take part in these canned hunts, I simply feel that we should let the people who choose to hunt/kill in this manner continue to do so. The animals are raised by the ranch to be killed by its clients. This is no different than the farmer who raises a cow with the intent of killing it for the meat. Personally I hunt with family and friends and I value that much more than I do the kill. I have had many days hunting where I know we where being much to loud to even see an animal but sometimes those are the best days.

It's become personal, I try not to go there, I believe this has become pointless and that my responses are finished in this thread.
Rem if I insulted you I apoligize, That comment was meant as light hearted humor, note the smiley at the end. I should hope that you don't think it was a personal attack. I am a person who likes to joke around and I realize that sometimes a typed message can't accurately represent what the author meant. Again I am sorry, I did not mean to insult, I meant only to provide what I felt was a little humor.

With that being said I will agree to disagree with Rem and I to will bow out of this thread. I think my point has been stated and any other responses would also be pointless.
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