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dustoff, maybe the back-and-forth might have to do with how the word "hunt" is used?

For me, any hunt area oughta be big enough, and with enough cover, that finding an animal requires some effort. Further, the animal should be able to get to cover if alarmed. To me, that's where "fair chase" comes in to the deal.

Omitting hunting from a fixed stand, I've seen some areas where hundreds of acres are needed for my viewpoint. But, I've hunted in some thick "jungle" where a few acres are enough that Bambi can sit back and laugh.

I"m all in favor of the whole guided hunt thing; many people don't have the time and expertise for solo efforts. But when I see an ad for "guaranteed success", that takes the whole "hunting" thing out of the deal.

Call me a romantic, maybe. To me, the hunt-package is a lot more important than the kill. BSing around a campfire, camp cooking, being with like-minded friends. Without the cameraderie, it's not all that much fun.

I dunno. Everybody's got their own deal going, I guess...

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