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No nerve touched here. The only preserves I hunt are the bird preserves and here in PA all pheasants are pen raised and stocked. I just hate to see people trying to take away the freedoms other people enjoy. Some people make a living by selling "hunts" on their property. They consider it hunting, you may not (in some instances I don't consider it hunting), but these people are doing nothing illegal. What the are doing should not be made illegal.

That is no more hunting that shooting the farmers cow
Would you have an issue with me paying a farmer to shoot his cow. The farmer owns the animal (just like the preserves own their animals), and as such should be able to do with it as they please.

Elk are such majestic animals IMHO that to shoot them in a pen, where less than a mile away I have seen wild elk, just doesn't set well with me
Are you basing your opinion simply on Elk, or do you feel the same about the less majestic ones, say hogs.

America - Home of the Free (Unless of course what your doing just doesn't set well with Rem).
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